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Pass Height, Weight, & PT without the stress with the Military Mom Weight Loss SOP!

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as your baby weight turned into an extra 20 or even 50lbs? Do you find it tough to GET TO THE GYM, because you have no ENERGY let alone the TIME? Have you LOST YOUR CONFIDENCE  to pass a PT Test and feel like you have LOST CONTROL over your body? Have you tried multiple diets/programs and NOTHING seems to work?

Do these thoughts run around in your mind?

  • “I still have baby weight on me that I need to get off and get back into shape!”
  • “I had my baby and now I don’t have the motivation to workout or do anything.”
  • “I’m tired of restrictive diets that don’t work and strenuous exercise routines.”
  • “I have to starve & deprive myself to make weight so I don’t have to be taped.”

What if I told you it wasn’t YOU, what if I said it wasn’t your diet, and what if I said it wasn’t even your level of commitment to exercise!

Let’s Work Together and Do This ONCE AND FOR ALL,

Sign up for my FREE Military Mom’s Weight Loss SOP. Get this SOP NOW to help you get started on your journey to losing those extra pounds and help you keep it off for good! And best of all FEEL confident & energized so you can pass Height, Weight, & PT. This SOP will help you:

  • Power up your confidence: because passing Weight & PT CAN be DONE with ease.
  • Power up your dreams: and make them a REALITY
  • Power up your courage: because you can do anything, including KEEPING the weight off
  • Power up your energy: because it makes everything you do EASIER

You will receive:

  • An email with the Military Mom’s Weight Loss SOP to jump start your journey to losing weight

That is WEIGHT LOSS, MORE CONFIDENCE, MORE ENERGY, & MORE IN CONTROL of your weight & life so you can pass Height, Weight, & PT all for FREE!



  • I've always struggled with weight and self-confidence. Working with Angie has given me confidence that I can do what I put my mind to!! She is always pushing me to do better and try different things like running. She has never given up on me and for that I'm blessed to have her as a coach/friends!! Thank you, Angie!

  • I am physically challenged with Multiple Sclerosis. She was super sensitive to my needs and I saw improvements week to week. On top of all that, she had an attitude single to none. It was upbeat and positive and that alone helped me immensely, since I have a tendency to think too much about what could happen to me in the long run.

  • Angie is such an awesome coach! I really enjoy working with her. She has helped me work through many situations and how to think more positively in my daily living! I would definitely recommend anyone and everyone to Angie for coaching!!

  • Angie has been great to work with and very easy to talk to. She has a unique way of helping you see things from a new perspective while giving you tools to make positive changes in your life. I would highly recommend Angie’s coaching services.

  • Thank you for the 42 Day Jumpstart Program. Since age 12 I've had mindset issues about food. This meant constant beatings of myself. This weekend was the first weekend in a long time I didn't binge and my mind wasn't constantly firing lies about food and my body. I honestly felt free from my own mind for once. I do see a therapist and that has never worked for me because I knew there were deeper issues but I couldn't ever pinpoint exactly the root until now.

  • I am a single mom who is also active duty military. Eventually I got to the point where I was 70 pounds overweight and seriously at risk of not being able to stay in the military because of my weight. Luckily it was around the time that I discovered Angie’s podcast and the Weight Loss Academy. I’ve lost 37 pounds in six months and I have had no trouble keeping it off or slipping back into old habits.  I would recommend the Weight Loss Academy to anyone who has struggled in the past with losing weight and keeping it off.”

  • I highly recommend you sign up for coaching with Angie. She knows how to ask probing questions that gets to the heart of your weight issues. She has been there and understands the struggle. She isn't giving you blind recommendations, you can tell she has done the work herself. Sometimes the right question or better thought can be a game changer and Angie helps you with both.


Are You Ready? Get It NOW!