Let’s Get Real

Let’s talk about getting real. Getting real with ourselves, or yourself.  I have so many people and clients tell me I don’t have time. I don’t have the money. I don’t have all [...]

Why Make It So Hard

I’m going to talk about why we make things so hard, and how we can make it easy. This week I made an announcement in my private Facebook group that I am able to pass my PT test with ease by [...]


Today I want to talk about the relationship we have with our bodies. A relationship is nothing more than thoughts in your mind. The way you think about someone. The way you think about something [...]

Stop The Beatings

My husband is getting ready to leave for a month to Germany and he’s been off all week. We’ve been working on our house and getting stuff done. I just didn’t work into my schedule [...]

Are You All In?

Hello fellow mama’s! So, this week’s  topic is about being all in. What I have found with myself over the last few weeks, I am in a mastermind for my business and my coach has been [...]

The Number On The Scale

This week I am going to talk about the number on the scale how many of you fear or dread stepping on the scale because of what the number will say? I know I used to dread stepping on the scale [...]