It’s Already A Done Deal

Hello fellow momma!! \How are you all doing today? It is 1030 at night on a Monday. It was my day off today. Also my son’s fourth birthday and we went turtle shopping today. So, my son now has two turtles and after getting them home we realized he could care less about the turtles. I think it was really mom and dad that wanted the turtles. It’s 1030 at night I am delivering this blog for all of you so that I can have it out ready for you all by Friday. I hope you guys all appreciate it. I hope you all enjoy it as well.

What I am going to talk about today is it’s already a done deal. What I mean by that is I was coaching last Friday a client of mine. We were talking about losing weight and I was telling her about how every level that I have reached in this weight loss journey since having my baby girl Paige, I have had to up level my thinking in one way shape or form. I believe that this last plateau that I hit I think I was in it for a good week and a half to two weeks. When I hit that plateau I literally came to a whole new realization. A whole new piece of thought work that I needed to work on in order to break through that plateau.  I’ve heard it said multiple multiple times before that you basically have to get to the point that it’s already a done deal.

So, if I wanted to get down to 129 pounds. I basically had to believe and not just think but believe that getting to 129 pounds was already a done deal. I remember stepping on the scale Friday morning and it was 130 something maybe 131. I remember thinking to myself I was so calm in the moment when I saw that number for probably the 14th time in a row or some somewhere above 130. I remember feeling extremely calm in that moment and thinking to myself, “Tomorrow I am going to be 129.” It felt so true. It felt so real. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been practicing in my mind that I was going to get to 129 over the two weeks prior to Saturday. But, it literally felt like it was a done deal. It felt like it was happening. I remember coaching her, telling her, I couldn’t really explain the feeling other than it felt like it already had happened. I remember talking to her and believing so much what I was telling her. That for sure when I stepped on the scale on Saturday morning that I was going to be 129 pounds.

That entire day I had no desire whatsoever to eat off protocol. None at all. I went shopping around Sam’s Club and I was able to get food for the baptism that we had this weekend and the birthday party and I had no desire to eat any of the food that was in Sam’s Club. It was like my brain had already decided I was 129 pounds the next day. My brain knew that if I ate those things, I was going to sabotage my results. What I wanted for myself, that 129 way outweighed any type of food that I could’ve possibly of wanted to eat. Walking through Sam’s Club and like I said I have heard this concept so many times before but I truly didn’t understand it until actually living it.

What I was practicing was as I had a goal of 129 pounds right. I’ve said it. I even believe in previous podcast episodes, that I knew without a doubt, I was going to be 129 pounds either that next week or the next day something like that. It wasn’t happening and it wasn’t happening but by practicing that thought over and over and over again. I’m going to be 129 pounds. I’m going to be 129 lbs literally in two weeks. My brain felt like it was true. It felt like it was a belief. That is the place that you have to be in order to get to a certain level. If you want to make a certain amount of money you have to do a certain level of thought work in order to make that amount of money. Same with, if you want to lose a certain amount of weight. In order to get down to your goal weight you’re going to go through multiple stages of having to think differently.

I even talked about weeks back. About how I was thinking that I just wanted to lose 1 pound of weight this week. I lost six. Everything that I teach throughout this podcast. Everything since episode number one. It all begins with your thought creates the way that you feel. Which then creates the way that you act. The way that you behave. It can also create the way that you don’t behave. Those are the things that you don’t do. The in action that you take. That action or that in action then ultimately creates a result. The thought that I had, “I am going to be 129 pounds tomorrow.” Literally led to a feeling of calm and relaxation. It led to confidence and determination. Which then made me take the action of staying on protocol 100%. It also led to having zero urges. I had no desire. No urge to eat off plan. When I hear about Brooke Castillo and her ability to have no desire for drinking, no desire for overeating, and just not having those things to use as buffers. I could never fully comprehend or understand what she was talking about until Friday. Until literally I practiced that thought enough over and over and over again till my brain literally believed it. It believed it so much that when I was on that coaching call. I had no doubt in my mind that I was not going to be 129 pounds the next day.

With all of the action that I took on Friday. The result was for Saturday, you guys are never gonna believe this, but it was 129.9 pounds. I had to step on the scale three different times because I could not believe that I actually made 129 pounds. It felt so true leading up to it, but then when I actually stepped on the scale I was like, “No way this stuff really works!” I literally blew my own mind. Even as a coach something I have been working on with coaching for almost two years. You guys! Two years! I’ve been working on coaching and I’ve been doing the self-development work on myself and I’ve put my body and my brain to the test after having Paige in order to pass the PT test.

Finally, after two years. I am able to experience what it’s like to believe a thought I’ve been practicing over and over and over again and actually see it come true. To be able to see the stuff that I do believe in. That I teach to actually see it in a perspective of meeting my goals. It’s for ever life-changing and totally mind blowing.

What I want you guys to think about is practicing a thought over and over and over again eventually will become a belief. When you believe something and you believe that it’s already a done deal, that is when it happens. Literally our thoughts create our results. Our results just provide evidence for our thoughts and our thinking to be true. If you guys have any questions, and for all my military mamas, I’ve already created half of my six-month program. I am down 19 pounds no wait 18 pounds since I first started I was 147 a month after my daughter was born so in three months I am down to 129. am already passing my weight. I am already passing my run for the PT test. I did practice my sit ups and my push-ups on Friday as well. I am so happy to report I am passing both of those within the time that I need to do it. My next goal is to actually do a PT test from start to finish in order to make sure that I have enough endurance to pass the PT test all at once. I’ve opened up a few more spots for one-on-one coaching if you are ready to lose the weight and stop struggling with your PT test once and for all you can email me at and sign up for a FREE over the phone mini session with me!!! I hope you guys all enjoyed this blog and I will talk to all soon!

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