Meal Planning On Steroids

What I want to talk about today is something completely unique. I’ve always wanted to talk meal planning. I plan on sometime here in the near future to have somebody on my podcast that’s really good at meal planning. To help you guys wrap your head a little bit more around meal planning. I always say when we plan we literally create ourselves more freedom.

Last week, I was creating a meal plan and I wanted to save myself a little bit more time by not going into the store and getting groceries. I figured I would try this new Walmart pickup and the manager of the Walmart pickup she really sold me on it. I figured I’d give it a try. It blew my mind you guys. I have tried other grocery pickup options. I’ve even had groceries delivered to my house. I was never a hundred percent happy with the outcome of it. I can say that when I did the Walmart pickup, I was 100% happy. I am still so thrilled about it.

What I did was, I created a meal plan for a week. I added the groceries in my Walmart checkout. I then checked out. I picked them up and it was an amazing experience you guys. I cannot emphasize enough how great of an experience it was. So you can get the Walmart grocery app and when you’re on your way, you can let them know that you’re checking in. When you’re on your way, you give them the color vehicle that you are driving. You literally pull into their pickup area. They noticed the color of your vehicle. They bring your groceries out to you and they load up your vehicle. I even got a great gift bag. I was in and out of the Walmart parking lot in 4 minutes. What really blew my mind around this whole experience, besides the fact I didn’t have to go in,shop, all my groceries were basically loaded up for me, and I was done grocery shopping in probably a matter of 15 minutes, was I discovered that Walmart grocery is also linked with Emeals.

Emeals is a company online that has a bunch of meal plans you can choose which meal plan that you most are interested in. You can select the meal plan. They then populate a grocery list for you based on what you select. You can go through that grocery list and check off items that you may already have in your home. Then you can add an entire grocery list to your Walmart grocery cart. You can add additional items and you’re done. And go pick them up. the only downside to all of this, that I have found, is you have to order in at least 24 hours in advance. You can’t order right away that day and expect to pick up your food later that afternoon. That is the only downside that I’ve experienced with it. You guys! You go into Emeals. You pick out your meal plan for the week. You then have an auto populated grocery list. That grocery list goes to Walmart grocery. You checkout. You pick up your food. You bring it home and you make it. This takes out, first of all, the meal planning. All you have to do is look and click it then takes out the busyness of having to prepare the grocery list. Then you’re not walking through the store, getting distracted by all these other foods, and wanting to jump off protocol or spend more money. Then when you check out you are only buying what you need for your meals. Your not buying anything extra. The chances of things going to waste or a lot smaller. This has been a meal planning saver. A time-saver. A being on plan saver.  It saves you a ton of time literally from meal planning to grocery list building to pick up in 15 minutes. I’m doing this from start to finish this week. I’m excited. I experienced half of it last week but I’ve already resigned up with Emeals. I used to use them when I did the Dave Ramsey program and paid off all of our debt. It was a huge money-saver for groceries. The number one thing people spend money on is food. If you can get your groceries, then you are less likely to eat out. Then you keep your budget on task. So, go out to Emeals check them out. I’ve added codes to my facebook page so you can get $10 off your first order and save money on your Emeals subscription. If you are interested in that, go check it out. If you are thinking, I don’t have enough time, then you might just experience not having enough time. It is definitely something that you need to shift in your brain of telling yourself that this is a huge Time Saver, huge money-saver, and look for that evidence all the time and money you are saving. I promise you will fall in love!!!

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