The Secret To More Time

Hello fellow Mama’s!!! This week I am going to talk about living more life. When you live more life you literally have created yourself more time. If you think about it. Time is the one thing that we all want that we can’t get more of. We all have 24 hours in a day. That’s already set for ourselves. We can’t get more of that. You can though give yourself more time by giving yourself more life. What I mean by that is this example of yesterday. I had a massive migraine that left me on the couch for 2 hours. For that 2 hours I spent my time doing nothing other than recuperating on the couch. I look back at that and I think to myself, “What could I have been doing in that 2 hours?” You may be thinking to yourself, “Well when you have a migraine you can’t really control that, it is what it is, and there’s no way that you can get that time back.” For me, my migraines are triggered by eating off protocol. More specifically when I eat gluten. So I can control when I get a migraine.

A lot of times for my joy eats I will eat off plan. I will eat something with gluten. Now knowing the effects that this has on me I don’t necessarily do it all the time. But when I do, I definitely go all out knowing that’s probably going to leave me on the couch for a few hours suffering with a migraine. That was exactly what I did. I ate off plan. I got a migraine. I spent two hours of my time yesterday doing nothing. Even after the migraine had subsided, I spent the rest of the evening moping around the house. So really it cost me a lot more time.

I want you to think about when you are fully healthy. Your literally fully energized and you’re feeling great about yourself. How many things do you get accomplished? A lot of times we measure our time by what we get accomplished in a day right? I always here people say I got so much accomplished on my time off. I got this done. I got that done. All the stuff. I got tons accomplished. When you are healthy, your eating right, you’re exercising, your fully energized, you are literally living more life. You are literally living in 1 day what you may have accomplished in 3 days. I really want you to think about that. In the aspect of the life that you are giving your spouse. The life you are giving your kids. The life you are giving other people. This is around you focusing on your own health. Time is something we all want. It’s something that we really really yearn for. Why wouldn’t we try to get more of it? Why wouldn’t that be our compelling reason to want to say on track? For me that is my new compelling reason. I want to live 500 years in the next 40 or 50 years of my life. Who knows I could possibly die tomorrow in a car accident. If that turns out to be the case, I would have wanted to live as much of my life as I possibly could have. I don’t want to have spent my time sleeping on the couch suffering from the migraine just because of something that I ate. I want you guys all to think about your weight loss goals in literally living more life. Giving your kids more life and giving your family more life in general. If you are living your best life and you are feeling amazing that is more life that you can give to your kids.

If I wasn’t lying on the couch suffering from my migraine I may be would have been on the floor helping my son put together his Lego pieces. I could have been giving him more life maybe if we were all putting together the Legos and we got it done sooner. We could have all went and did something else as a family. I don’t want you just to think of weight loss in the terms of looking better for yourself, but I want you to think of it as living more life. Giving the people around you more life. What is more spectacular then giving more life and having more time? If the analogy of weight loss doesn’t quite resonate with you I want you to think about it in terms of money. When you have a lot of money you can hire somebody to mow your lawn. You can pay somebody to clean your house. You can pay somebody to finish your basement. By doing all of that you are literally giving yourself more time. You are giving yourself more life. If my husband is not out mowing the lawn, he’s able to give me and my kids more time. He is able to give us more life just buy spending time with us. By helping us to do things. Next time you guys decide to eat off plan, or you decide to give up, or decide to just quit. I want you to think about the possibilities if you just stayed on plan and decided to give yourself more life. What would that look like? Now just imagine. And go get it!

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