Why Make It So Hard

I’m going to talk about why we make things so hard, and how we can make it easy.

This week I made an announcement in my private Facebook group that I am able to pass my PT test with ease by only walking a few miles every other day doing a few sit-ups and a few push-ups every other day and I’m able to pass and what somebody responded with was, “that sounds nice, but that’s not going to help you pass a PT test.”

I find it interesting because first of all I’ve already done it. I have already had this happen to me. It’s already a done deal. But people still don’t believe that it’s possible. So it’s one of those things where we believe that it’s possible for other people, but we don’t believe that it’s possible for ourselves. I had this also happen in another situation over this last week. I was telling my dad about how I made more money in my business over the last few weeks than I have in a year-and-a-half and right away he says to me, “well yeah that would be nice if you could do that.” I was like, “Dad! I’ve already done it. It’s already happened. It’s not a matter of yeah that would be nice if it’s possible. It’s more of it’s already happened. It’s probably going to happen again. But, we don’t believe that it’s possible for ourselves. We believe that it could be possible for somebody else, but not ourselves. All I want to say to that is, even if you don’t believe in the possibility, just believing in the possibility will make it true if you believe it enough. If you think a thought over and over and over enough times eventually it will become possible.

The question is why do we make things so hard for ourselves? I noticed myself this morning running late trying to get the kids out the door, trying to get the kids to daycare, and trying to get myself to work on time. I noticed that I was thinking that this is hard. This is hard to get out of the house and to get to get the kids to school on time. When I noticed and I had that awareness and I was thinking that it was hard, of course I’m not going to find ways to try to make it easier for myself. What if I start just thinking in the possibility? That it could be easy. What actions would I then take to create that result of it being easy? Moral of this entire story is if you think and you believe that something is hard you are going to find evidence that makes it hard. You are going to find all the reasons of why it’s hard. If you just believe in the possibility, or you just think that it could be possible, that it could be easy, your brain is going to find all the evidence to make it easy. Your brain is going to go to work and have you take the action to get a much easier result. Just believing in the possibility. If you can find that easy, just believing in the possibility, you will then be able to have a much easier experience. The easier it is then the more that you believe it the more you are going to get that result. So quit thinking that it’s hard and let me know what happens.

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