Today I want to talk about the relationship we have with our bodies. A relationship is nothing more than thoughts in your mind. The way you think about someone. The way you think about something is what creates the relationship. Whether you love something or not is what determines the love in a relationship. If someone loves you that is their own thoughts. That has nothing to do with you. The way that you think and feel about something else is what literally creates a relationship.

I want you to look at this in the aspect of the relationship with our bodies. I recently had somebody tell me that their body has given up on them. I think I’ve talked before either in a Facebook live or on this podcast that the way we think about someone else especially when it comes to a victim type mentality, so in the case of my body has given up on me, That is you playing the victim. You feeling like you’ve been given up on, but our judgements of someone else or something else is always a reflection of ourselves. If you feel like your body has given up on you, that your body can no longer lose weight, that it’s your body is responsibility and your body’s reason for why you are the way that you are. I want you to turn the blame around on yourself. It will take you out of that victim mentality and really gets down to the facts of the situation. Now, where are you responsible in this situation? Where have you given up on your body?

What I wanted to say to this person was are you exercising? Are you eating the way you’re supposed to be eating? Haven’t or have you given up on your body in those aspects? So, is it really your body is giving up on you? Have you chose to not continue to try to find food that works with your body? If that’s the case, then it’s not your body giving up on you, but you have given up on your body. This episode is about the relationship with your body and a big piece of this podcast is stepping into that dream relationship with a healthy body. Take yourself out of the victim roll and step into that dream relationship with a healthy body. Think about, are there other things that you can eat? Are there other things that you can try? Is there different types of exercise you can do? Could you exercise more often? Could you even provide yourself meditation time or time to pamper yourself? It’s not until you can love yourself in your current body that you can then start working on that dream relationship with a healthy body. Ask yourself, is it really you’re body giving up on you or have you given up on your body? If you have given up on your body and you sabotage that relationship than that is why you are getting the results that you’ve gotten. It’s not your bodies responsibility to make you happy. It’s not your body is responsibility to get the results that you want. It is your responsibility to create your happiness and to get the results that you want. To step out of that victim mentality stuff and into the being in control and take responsibility for what it is you have already created for yourself. If you do not like those results then you need to start thinking differently about the relationship with yourself. Where in your life have you given up on your body? Ask yourself that question and how can you take back responsibility?

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