How do you spend your time believing?

Hello fellow mama’s! So, today I have for you all a very interesting & enlightening concept. It’s about spending more time believing that it’s possible versus spending the time believing that it’s not. A lot of us have issues with reaching our goals. This is mainly because we don’t believe that it’s possible. If you don’t believe that something is possible of course you’re not going to take the action you need to take to get that result or meet your goal.

I recently found out about this in my own life. I never heard it described quite this way, but the way that it was described definitely clicked with me. I realize that with a lot of goals that I set in my business. Even goals that I’ve set in my health journey. I don’t necessarily believe that they are possible. So, I don’t take the action or do the work that I need to take to create the reality of actually meeting that goal. It isn’t just about taking action. Our actions always come from the way that we think. Which creates the way that we feel. We take action from our feeling and that creates are result. So, if I am thinking that I don’t believe something and I spend time thinking that it’s not possible, it’s so hard, I don’t understand, I’m confused, and I spend a lot of my time thinking from that place of not believing that it’s possible, then that is really what is creating my current result of not reaching my goal. If I just spent a little bit of time believing that it’s possible, that it is possible that I could reach my goal weight in this amount of time, versus thinking about how hard it is, and how hard I’m having to work to reach my goal.

So, believing more from a place of that it’s possible, versus that it’s not possible is going to get me a lot closer to my goal than believing it’s not possible. For some of us, this is what we do when it comes to Fitness. We spend time thinking that it’s not even possible. We think that, because we’ve never done it before. I hear this all the time with my clients. “Well, I’ve never reached that weight before, so I don’t even know if I can do it.” Then we find all the evidence of why we can’t do it because we’ve never done it before, versus spending time thinking about what if it’s possible that I can reach that goal, what things would I do if it was possible, what things would I do if I actually reached that goal, who who would I be if I reach that goal, how would I be feeling if I reached that goal. Then start thinking from that type of place. If you do that, it is going to generate a feeling more of excitement instead of frustration and anger, and that feeling of excitement is going to lead you to taking the action to get you closer to your goal. Then eventually you will reach it.  It may not be instant right away. We all want that quick fix or that magic pill and it may not be instant but it’s going to get you a heck of a lot closer to that goal then if you kept believing what you’re currently believing. Which is, that it’s probably not possible.

Now, let’s think about this in my weight-loss journey. I started out at a hundred and forty seven pounds. That’s after losing some of that baby weight. Right when I started out, I started doing really good. I was on protocol. I stuck to it. I started to lose weight pretty quickly, and then holidays came up. Other things started to happen. We wanted to go out to eat a lot more often. I kind of hit a plateau around that 142 mark. I still lost 5 lb but still maintaining. That all was great and awesome. I knew I still had 6 months to reach my goal. So, all I would think about is, “I have 6 months to do this.” “I don’t need to do this right away.” That was exactly what was keeping me in that current weight of 142 with the thought that I still have time. Even your own business if you run your own business and you want to make a certain amount of money and if you constantly are thinking, “Well, I have till the end of the year and I still have 5 months left.” You’re going to procrastinate.

I actually was just talking with a friend about this same concept about he has a week off from work. He said today was the first day and all he was getting done was a whole lot of nothing. He was just going around visiting with friends. Really doing a whole lot of nothing. I told him the reason why. The reason why was because he kept thinking that he had a whole lot of time. What’s going to happen is if he keeps thinking that he’s got a whole lot of time, he’s got a whole week to get this stuff done, the end of the week is going to come, and he’s going to feel so overwhelmed that he’s got nothing done, and the week has gone by. Can you relate to this? If you’ve taken time off from work to get something done at home, and then got distracted with something else, and then you didn’t get everything done you wanted to get done on your list.

I want you to write down everything you think about reaching your goal weight and look at that and see are you thinking from a place of not believing or are you thinking from a place of believing that it’s possible. If you’re thinking from a place that it’s not possible you might want to turn that around and start thinking from the place that is possible. So, work on believing that it’s possible by changing your thinking. And I promise you, you will be that much closer to reaching your goals!

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