Stop The Beatings

My husband is getting ready to leave for a month to Germany and he’s been off all week. We’ve been working on our house and getting stuff done. I just didn’t work into my schedule this week on actually sitting down and thinking about the podcast, but I have a lot of topics on my mind. I’m gonna talk about what exactly I’m going through with my weight loss journey and I hope it is helpful to you. What I want to talk about this week is stopping the beatings.


If you’ve done in my 42 day jumpstart to permanent weight loss program you will notice that the first week I talk about stopping the beatings. I’ve actually had somebody who tried to do this program tell me that they don’t beat themselves up when it comes to losing weight. I find it really interesting because if weight loss was easy, or if it came naturally to somebody then you would’ve already lost the weight. If you don’t beat yourself up I think a lot of us beat ourselves up and it takes so much longer to lose the weight. If you didn’t beat yourself up, if you didn’t have all this negative self talk to yourself, you probably would’ve already lost the weight.


So, if you are somebody who says, “Oh I never beat myself up. I have this. I don’t have any negative self talk about myself.” I really want to challenge you to dig deep. I know for some of you it’s probably this really dark place in your life of having to dig deep and look at that negative self talk but it is something that is extremely important to get past if you want to lose weight. With the Fourth of July weekend I ate off protocol. I completely ate off protocol. My husband’s been off work all week getting ready to leave for Germany. I am stressed out with having a new baby and a  toddler and for some of you dual status military folks you can probably relate to what I’m going through right now.


What I found myself doing with eating off plan is beating myself up a lot. I know in a previous podcast I talk about forgiveness and really forgiveness of ourselves. That’s exactly what I need to do in this situation. When you find yourself eating those nonfuel foods and you start to have sentences in your brain that equate to the negative self talk. I want you to write that stuff down. I want you to really take a look at what it is that you are telling yourself. All that negative self talk is what is perpetuating you eating even more and having even a harder time losing the weight.


What you first need to do is you need to take a look at that negative thinking and just allow that suffering to come up for the first week and just write down all the thoughts that are coming up for you. I self coached myself the other day on this exact concept. I was thinking to myself like what is it that you’re telling yourself right now that is just creating more eating off protocol. I tried to justify. And I think a lot of us try to justify what were eating because we want to make ourselves feel better. I was telling myself that my husband’s leaving for a month, I’m gonna have two young kids all by myself for an entire month, it’s the Fourth of July weekend, and here I’m telling myself all these justifications of why I should be eating off plan. That’s what a lot of us do. But then there is a lot of negative self talk that was creeping in. I was thinking about, “Why are you doing this? Don’t you want to lose weight? Aren’t you serious enough about it? Aren’t you all in? You’re a coach, you shouldn’t be doing this.” All of that negative self talk made me want to run and hide. I didn’t want to step on the scale. I didn’t want to eat on plan. Which is totally crazy. It just proves that our thoughts really do create our results. I kept thinking that I was such a failure for doing this. All of this negative self talk. So really allowing myself to be okay with all that negative self talk that comes up is extremely important. What I did was I started to work through it. When I started to work through it, I had this massive thought download. I analyzed how each of those thoughts made me feel when I would think them. The way that I felt when I would think it was a lot of shame. That shame made me want to hide. I didn’t want to think about weight loss. I didn’t want to talk about weight loss. I wanted nothing to do with weight loss. That’s why for people who think that they don’t have this negative self talk or that their beating themselves up how it is affecting their results. It is happening because if it wasn’t happening they would’ve already lost the weight.


My shame made me want to hide which resulted in weight gain. It resulted in more eating off plan. and I learned a lot by analyzing those thoughts and working through those thoughts because I know I have to release all that shame and I have to feel the discomfort of talking about what it is that I was doing in order to move past it and move on. Now, that I’m able to move on I was able to step on the scale, and I was able to get back on track. So, meal planning is definitely on my agenda. Staying on protocol and getting back on protocol and all of those things are what I am able to do now that I’ve been able to release that shame and move past all that negative thinking that was bundling up for the last few days. Also, what I want you guys to think about once you realize that this negative self talk is happening to be able to sit back and observe those thoughts from a more curious place. From a place of being like a watcher or an observer and looking at all of that with fascination and curiosity instead of and being able to look at those thoughts as the observer and choose not to respond to that type of thinking.


If I am starting to think things like, “I have failed.” or “I can’t do this” or “What in the world are you doing?” but being able to not respond to all of those thoughts with the action of eating off protocol but being able to just analyze it and come up with a much better thought. Why am I doing this? Well, I’m doing this because I’m feeling all the shame and all this regret over what it is that I’m doing and being able to move past it. You can decide to change any thoughts that don’t actually create the life that you want for yourself. Once you realize what you are doing being able to look at it from a curious perspective and being able to just flush out all those negative thoughts and analyze them versus beating yourself up. If you want permanent weight loss the most important thing to do is to look at what it is that you are saying to yourself as you eat off protocol, as you eat off plan, and working through all of that in order to change your thoughts, to change the behavior, and to get the result that you want is what’s going to lead to the permanent weight loss.

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