Don’t Fear Events

This week I had a client tell me about her fear of attending a special event. Her fear isn’t something that is uncommon among those who want to lose weight. We fear what will others think of us if we don’t partake in the socialization of eating. What will others say if we don’t eat anything? But what if we just worried about ourselves instead of what others think, say, or do. What would that do for you? What if when someone said “Aren’t you going to eat anything” and you just simply said “I’m not hungry” Then what?


You may be processing that question right now. And 2 things are probably going to come up for you. 1. Well usually I am hungry so, how does that work? 2. I may not be hungry….but what will everyone else think.


Here is my answer and tip for you in regards to question number 1.  Get yourself to a state where you are NOT hungry before attending the event. You can eat “your on protocol foods” beforehand using the hunger scale. Once you are full you are done. Then when you go to the event it won’t feel as weird to just say “I’m not hungry.” There is nothing wrong with a little pre-game eating before heading out.


I’ve even had clients that bring their own cooler to a wedding with their “on protocol” food. Now that is a powerful decision, and one well made.


This next answer goes along with your next question. What will everyone else think? What if you took this idea. To just simply decide you are not going to eat anything at the event.  Then when someone asks you the question “Aren’t you going to eat” You can say with confidence. I don’t want to. I am not hungry. You made the decision now OWN that decision.


When you are stuck in-indecision, when you don’t trust yourself, when you don’t honor your decisions is when you start to have mind drama over the fact you can’t control yourself. What if you just said no, and owned it. Took control over your body. And just simply don’t eat anything.


Because what if someone asked you “Aren’t you going to smoke pot” If you are not not a pot smoker you would have no problem saying Ummm no I don’t want to. You have already made that decision. You trust your decision. You’re in control of it. When someone asked a crazy question. It is just that….a crazy question. That is the same with food. That can be the same with a food related question.


You can go to a party and not smoke pot, just like you can go to a party and not eat off plan. You just need to own your decision.


So there is no need to fear those special events. You just have to make, trust, and own your decision.


If you would like to eat at the event, Check out the menu before heading to the event and choose something that you will feel good about after eating it. Or make that even your weekly Joy eat. Go enjoy yourself. Own that decision. If you plan a joy eat, you are still in control.


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