This weekend I had one of the most powerful dreams I have ever had.

This weekend I had one of the most powerful dreams I have ever had. And I am going to get to that in a minute. But first for those who don’t know

So maybe from previous episodes, or maybe because you have seen me on Facebook, or maybe because you get my newsletter you already know I have continuous thoughts that “I am a failure” & “I am not good enough.” These thoughts alone are keeping me from going to the next level in my business and personal life.

I get coached on these thoughts regularly. Right when I think I have reached a huge breakthrough, I revert back to my old way of thinking.

This is how our brains work. When we are comfortable, our brains like to stay comfortable. Even if the comfortable isn’t what we really want. I compare it to something like a toddler sitting in a poopie diaper. It’s comfortable to them, because it is what they know, to have to stop playing and get their diaper changed is different, even though the comfort of that is so much better they are stuck with what they know. And that is our brain. The only way to get out of the vicious cycle is to constantly study the new comfortable.

Ok, so back to my dream. This last Saturday I had a dream. I dreamt I was getting coached by my mentor Brooke Castillo in a group setting. During the entire session of coaching I didn’t speak up at all, but knew I needed a really powerful coach to help snap me out of this hamster wheel I keep running on. So as the session was finished I was gathering my things to leave as everyone else was leaving and she turned to me and asked me “Is there anything you need help with?” And I said YES!! I told her I keep having these thoughts that “I’m not good enough & I am a failure.” I told her I knew these thoughts were ridiculous, but for some reason they kept coming back to me, and I know they are impacting my life in a negative way.” And before I could say anything else. She looked at me and said, “Angie, You NEED to let people see you FAIL.” “Because when you ALLOW others see you fail, there is no longer the need to fear failure, there is no reason to think that you are not good enough to do something.”

I believe when the universe is trying to tell you something you hear it multiple times before it really clicks.

2 weeks ago my personal coach told me that my thoughts are beliefs and what if I agreed to just STOP believing them. That was powerful in itself….but the thoughts came back.

Last week, I had my first hater write a review on my podcast. And again. I thought my negative thoughts aren’t true….I’M A BADASS……but once again the thoughts came back.

So now this week in a dream. I was coached by Brooke Castillo, and even though it was a dream I am taking her advice.

I want you to see me fail. I want to do so many things in life, in my business, in the world….and I want you all to be there with me. I want you to see me in the good times and the bad. I want you all to see me FAIL. Because when I allow you all to see me fail….I am no longer fearful of failure. I no longer get to think “What if they don’t like me, What if I’m not good enough.” If I allow you to see me fail…….all of that no longer exists.

So next time you worry about what others think of you, or wonder should I or shouldn’t I do something…A diet, an exercise program you really want to try….because what if it does work. I say who cares….Let others see you fail….AND DO IT ANYWAYS.

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